What’s does your perfect day look like?

This is what MY perfect day 'looks' like

*Smiles* When I wake up, the sun would just be rising, it’s about 6.45am. I’m an early bird these days, I have this amazing energy and zest coming from within that allows me to sleep deeply and wake up with a spring in my step, each and every morning.

I walk to the end of the bed in my converted warehouse located in Melbourne, Australia with a big, contagious smile on my face knowing that I have a fun day ahead of me.

I find a cushion and listen to a beautiful meditation piece a friend just created and asked me to trial. I listen and for the next 15 minutes I am in the most tranquil space, my body tingles with excitement. I am ready.

Ready for my yoga class that strengthens and nourishes my body. I end up having the most amazing class, I feel infinitely light and strong.

After class I’m at my favourite cafe around the corner for breakfast, my meal is beautifully presented and delicious, I sip my latte and sit there smiling and greeting other locals. No technology or newspaper is around, it is just me and my happy thoughts.

It’s about 10am now; I’m home and slowly getting ready for my only commitment today. I have a high level brand strategy session with a new Social Enterprise, which is of course FREE. Pro bono commitments, learning and writing are all I do. I am able to do this because my multiple 6 figure company is doing extremely well, working without me and in flow.

The strategy session was inspiring for both parties, I was able to help the Social Enterprise in a way that would allow them to impact a million more lives. They respectfully tell me that I have exponentially helped change the world. My heart is about to burst.

This only took an hour; I knew exactly what they needed.

It’s now 1pm and I check in with my work team and they update me on the beautiful entrepreneurs and business owners signing up to our latest e-course and the heart-felt reviews for my latest book.

I am almost in tears, I’m happy.

After 2 hours working on the business in my beautiful home studio, I hear Muuuuummm! It’s 3pm schools out. My childrens smiling faces are my absolute biggest joy.

My work day ends that very second…From 3pm I play and create, with joy and laughter.

My husband is home early. So we head to the local organic store, ride our bikes, eat a nutritious meal and then take a evening walk along the beach behind our house. We sit and watch the gorgeous sun setting over our beautiful life.

Seriously life could not get any better than this.

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now”.



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