…and feel like a new person.

I had a brilliant coaching session with Brian and Srini from Unmistakable Media.

To begin with, I mentioned to them that I was slightly nervous about what I was going to discover during our session together. Now that it’s done – I’m feeling more emotional than ever, because I know and feel so sure of my direction in life! I have a really deep feeling of aliveness.

I’m excited, bemused, giddy and scared all at the same time. I’ve had signs throughout the week which also confirmed everything Brian, Srini and I chatted about around my true values. Truthfully, I’m feeling a deep sense of peace towards myself. I can be my worst critic, but came out thinking I know myself better than I give myself credit for.

What I needed was someone or a Brian and Srini (Brini) to reaffirm this knowingness and have them ‘see’ me.

For months I felt lost and distracted by so many ideas, thoughts and general information about all sorts and doubted any choices I made. My mind started to get very clouded, I was navigating through thick fog and climbing a mountain that I couldn’t see clearly – I was either going to climb or fall.

So I seeked help in Brian and Srini and instantly found my feet. It’s like I can now can feel the rocks underneath my hands and confidently place my feet in the right crevices, so that I can once again take a step up the entrepreneurial mountain.

And it will be my inner compass that will help guide me to the top.

It’s my inner compass that will help lead me to find meaning. It’s my inner compass that will help me navigate what’s feel’s right or doesn’t feel right. It’s my inner compass that will help me connect to my inner knowing.

My next step (and task I have been given by the guys) is to create Daily Connections, this was my second highest core value. My highest is Meaning and my third highest is Inspiration.

I’ll explore, research and write about meaning just as Brene Brown writes about shame.

I’ll find inspiration through books, people and my mum. I’ll create connections through expression of self and doing things that feels right. This may be an art class or writing a blog post – big or small these acts will help me to connect with you, the creative world and myself.

This isn’t going to be an easy ride, I’ve been one to start and never finish a project. I particularly don’t want to put pressure on myself and have it become a chore, but my intention is to connect daily and will endeavour to do this online and/or by writing an update online about what I did.

I can’t promise I will post daily but I will create connections daily.

Even the thought of writing this and sharing this frightens me, the judgement towards myself is enormous, and that’s part of what I’m working through as well.

I’ll let you know how I go!

If you need newfound direction in business and life, I don’t hesitate in recommending Brian and Srini.

Here’s a link to their session.