#BookNotes no.7 — What To Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin

Love, love, love this book for so many reasons.

One, it’s full of pictures and I love pictures. Visuals will always give a message or story a deeper meaning, kudos to Seth for making this a visual feast.

Secondly, the ideas in this book are truly insightful. I definately expected big things from Seth Godin and this book didn’t fail me. Seth takes you to unchartered territory in your mind, that I’ve now come to realize, they’re areas I’ve been afraid to step into and explore.

The book prodded quite a bit of emotions within me, and this surprised me. I read this book at a time that perfectly positions itself in my journey as a business owner, as I ponder my personal reasons for freedom.

We all know the word freedom is unique to each individual as we navigate life in our own way. But what remains true and I believe is a common thread for everyone in their pursuit of freedom is what Seth Godin talks about in What To Do When It’s Your Turn and that is Responsibility.

Reflecting on my own journey and path of discovery. I often placed myself in environments where I got comfortable being in the background and hoped others would take responsibility, so I don’t have to. Why? It gave me a reason to blame someone else for my miserable life. It justified my statements of “I don’t have this because of that. That didn’t happen because I don’t have this.” I played victim by surrendering my control and opportunity for true freedom, because I was fearful of freedom.

I love this book for this very reason. It has opened up an area of my brain that was previously dark. I craved for something that I was not willing to take responsibility for and therefore would never ever have!
The question now is ‘How might I change this?’

Well in What To Do When It’s Your Turn, Seth talks about seeing the stuck, to get unstuck, and working within and swimming upstream in a system that often would prefer that you merely stand still.
Reading this book, you can’t help but feel a flame growing inside of you, it’s packed full of inspiring quotes and stories that make you think. There is actually a certain way I suggest you read this book and that is; read and digest, read and digest and then say…YES! and repeat.

The central question that Seth encourages you to answer throughout the book is — Are you thirsty enough to take responsibility for your freedom?

And it’s all about freedom. Freedom to make change.Freedom to choose. If we choose we are therefore responsible, and with responsibility we might fail.This is when fear of failure transfers into fear of freedom. But if you are thirsty enough to do the work to learn, failure is essential. Failure is in the service of learning.

The internet has given anyone something to say, the freedom to tell the truth, your truth, the truth of the world as you see it and as you wish it to be.

Seth instills inspiration in every word and moulds the belief that your narrative belongs to you, and it’s up to you to create and live a story that works for you.

It’s all a choice.

You can’t go under fear, you can’t go over fear, but you can go through fear.

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