#BookNotes no.5 — Body of Work by Pamela Slim

I’m excited to be making progress through my book pile! I finally got to finish a book that I’ve been wanting to read since I bought Body of Work in early 2014. So it’s been a year, and a pretty timely read as we start 2015.

In early 2014 I wrote a blog post about discovering your theme, you can read that here. I’ve always been curious about the moments in our life that has shaped us to be who we are today, and that understanding your story can help you uncover your true personality.

I’m a believer in themes and that we tend to gravitate towards certain ideas, experiences and relationships that fit into our overarching ‘life’ theme.

That is what first drew me to reading this book. Pam Slim has coached thousands of people about their careers and businesses, I wanted to know what conclusions and commonality has emerged?

Well, Pam Slim describes a Body of Work as any project that fits into a vision of what you wanted to create for yourself and the world.

It is everything you create, contribute, affect and impact.

Within us is a drive that is motivated by a multitude of choices we make in life. Perhaps you played a sport on a professional level, then became an entrepreneur and think they’re two completely different career paths. If we were to dig a little deeper you may find that there is an underlying theme that supports both choices and find threads that tie your story together.

It all starts by looking into your roots.

Define Your Roots

Your quest to leave a personal legacy often has a big overarching theme and deep commitment to a cause or problem. You can often turn your suffering into meaning by discovering the root of what motivates you to keep going.

Name Your Ingredients

Combining your talents and mission and the transference of skills from what you’ve done before with what you’re doing now, helps you celebrate and communicate what makes you unique.

Choose Your Work Mode

Writers write daily, Bloggers blog everyday, Energy workers connect with energy everyday. What do you do everyday?

Create and Innovate

The act of creating is what sets us free, it is what gives our life meaning. So create something you are proud of that becomes a powerful addition to your body of work.

Surf the Fear

It is normal for people to be afraid of the unknown, but the key is to keep moving forward by focusing on the future. Lean into the fear and establish new roots of meaning and purpose.


Ask for help! Also give help on a consistent basis. Collaboration is a rich exchange of ideas, information and resources, and an essential part of the new world of work.

Your Definition of Success

What is YOUR definition of success? Remember who you are. Incorporate all of the above.

Share Your Story

Shape your work into a cohesive narrative and tell powerful stories. The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your stories.

To bring it all together, your thoughts, beliefs and assumptions drive everything in your life and career. And your words, images and videos ties it together in a cohesive story that fits into your overarching ‘life’ theme.

Thanks for the confirmation Pam!

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