#BookNotes no.4 — The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Esther Hicks

Gosh where do I start with this one!!! To put it simply if you love learning/living the Law of Attraction this is a must read. Along with Ask and It Is Given (another great book written by Esther Hicks), this book gives you interesting and almost fun exercises for you to build up your positive vibrations and change your emotional state about almost anything.

I really wanted to say just read the book, but this book isn’t for everyone. I wish it was, but I’ve seen it in people’s eyes when I talk about the Law of Attraction and to some, the idea seems too simple and woo woo. So to the ones who have at least looked up what Law of Attraction means this book is for you.

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent is told by a non-physical voice called Abraham and is “interpreted” by Esther Hicks. The way it’s written may make it super weird for some, but reading the book for it’s concepts you do kind of think that Abraham is something special and beyond this realm we live in.

Abraham is like an internal voice telling you what you already know to be true. The question is: have you been aware and conscious enough to hear it and when you do hear the voices do you trust and act on it? Or do you first believe what the outside world tells you?

In this book, Abraham not only suggests that you should follow these voices and resulting feelings, but that you can also deliberately set your intentions on how you want to feel so that you can have whatever you want in life.

It’s all about balancing the feelings of what you desire with what youbelieve.

The law is…when you feel good, you are powerfully attracting more good things to you. If you learn how to improve the way you feel, you can deliberately create the future you want. Once you truly master your thoughts and feelings, that’s where your FREEDOM is, that’s where all yourPOWER is.

Everything you want is an inside job!

You become what you think about. Basically nothing comes into existence from the outside, and that everything first comes from thinking and feeling it on the inside.

This is the deliberate creation of your life.

You create through the power of your focus. The key is to FOCUS.

If you take the time to deliberately improve your emotional feelings about your world. Your improved feelings will release any resistance, then you willallow what you really want in.

So your goal is to reach for a better feeling emotion than what you were before.

Questions to ask yourself…

What am I thinking now? What am I feeling now? What can I do right now to improve this?

I picture success for everyone. Thanks Esther!

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