#BookNotes no.3 — Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity by Stacey Hall and Jan S. Stringer

So this book is an interesting take on the marketing world. It’s about combining the Law of Attraction with the Laws of Marketing. I truly do love the combination of spiritual practices with business practices. It puts humans at the centre of all thoughts, strategies and philosophy.

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when things just happen coincidently for no particular reason and we simply consider them as strange or weird. It could be that you were thinking of a friend and suddenly you bump into them. You may have dreamt about a beautiful yellow car that you really truly wanted and then all of a sudden you see them everywhere, not only that a perfect moment arises where things fell into place and you can actually afford it and make it your own.

I’m always in awe at what can happen when we put our thoughts and energy into focusing on something we truly desire.

So this synchronicity can happen when your energy is focused on attracting customers for your business too! What I know is true is that we don’t have a business unless we have customers.

In Attracting Perfect Customers Jan and Stacey guides and sets a clear path for business owners to attract not only customers but also your perfect customers. The trick is to become absolutely clear on who and what you want…

Here is a summary on what Stacey Hall and Jan S. Stringer suggests doing when creating an “Attraction Plan.”

Firstly what is a perfect customer? “…it is someone whose needs are a perfect fit for a company’s mission. When the relationship between need and service are perfectly aligned, positive results occur with amazing velocity and synergy — almost without effort.”

We are told the key to experiencing Strategic Synchronicity on a consistent basis is to prepare yourself to receive what you desire. How do we do this? It is not by focusing on what we are lacking…but on what we want.

1. Envisioning

Become intimate with your perfect customer and get to know their qualities, attributes and characteristics. Take yourself into your minds eye and picture yourself in your perfect work environment interacting with your perfect customer. Here we are become conscious creators, even if you haven’t met them yet (or if you have even better!) but visualise this ideal outcome for yourself and take note of what you see, hear and feel.

2. Mission, Issues and Challenges

The key to a close relationship is to share and understand the motivations and missions that drive us and our customers to get out of bed each morning. On the principle like attracts like — your most perfect customers are motivated by the same missions, issues and challenges. So what are yours?

3. Intentions

To be attractive you must be completely fulfilled through your work. Decidewhat you want to deliver and how you want to provide it to your perfect customer. How might you utilize your strengths? How might you express and act on your intentions and desires through your business? Simply become clear about what you want to provide.

4. Commitment

Where you put your attention is where your energy goes. It is our duty to hold the vision of our perfect business until all elements of the business has developed. So we must be ready to accept — it is through your own clarity of vision and willingness to accept that we receive results.

So the underlying theme in this book is to develop quality relationships and the more focused you are on your light, the brighter you will shine for your perfect customers to find you — be the lighthouse.

We are in the business of creating ‘Attractive’ messages — ensure every word, picture and feature is in alignment with whom you want to attract.


Who do you want to attract?
What is the quickest and most perfect path for them to find you?
What action can you take to move your plan forward?

Thanks for the insights into attracting Perfect Customers!

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